Roger and Carol
Roger & Carol Redenbaugh
Our Past, Present and Future
all here on this one little web site!

    This page is a record of the construction by taking
    the pictures from the same spot each time.

When it all began
We started with this

Under the slab work
Under the slab stuff goes in first

The slab is done - Jan 27
The slab is done. - January 27, 2004

Start of framing
The framing starts

Now we're talkin'

Exterior walls are framed
The exterior walls are up.

A little snow
The plywood sheeting is done.
It's looking more like a house.

Ready for stucco
The outside is ready for stucco.

July 2
The first two layers of stucco are on.  One more to go.

The finished product!

More to come!
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