Roger and Carol
Roger & Carol


runing in the Sedona 5K race - 2012




 Roger & Carol's Family
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     Megan  Joshua  Becca    Zachary  Austin  Kate
Roger Roger, University of Minnesota grad - flew fighters for the Navy - owned electronics store - worked as systems man for management company - enjoyed being bed & breakfast owner - retired 2000
Roger and Taffy enjoys wife, grandkids, computers, home theater, skiing, tennis, lounging in the pool, Bridge, hiking, memories of pets - all in that order
The new tree house
Roger's favorite room:

The "Off The Wall" Theater in our Sedona home is constantly being enjoyed by Roger, Carol and their guests.

Carol loves being
an active gramma.
 Carol and the kids

Carol Campaign
A typical "A" type personality, Carol is always looking for a new project.  Current interests:  making pottery, reading at Sedona Winds, working with Home Instead clients, scrapbooking, giving swim lessons, playing Bridge, planning trips

Carol's current mood is often expressed in a poem.  This month -



Lists!  Lists!  So much to do!

Every time I write a list,

It makes me blue.


I wish I could get it done

Without a list to see.

I could have so much fun

If I could just BE!


But, then, what would ever get done

Around my house and stuff

So, Carol, just go write the list

And quit when you’ve had enough.

Carol, Taffy and Ginger Carol - hard at work on her first project after retirement, 2000

Rocky, Jill and Joshua Rocky Lorey, son-in-law and mechanical engineer at Dupont

Jill, daughter and retired chemical engineer & full-time "Mom"


Oh yes, this is Joshua when he was new.

Jill and Rocky Jill and Rocky
hiking Sedona.

The Loreys

The Loreys hiking on
Bell Rock

Spring 2007
 Megan Megan Lorey 1st day of school - 2011

note from Gramma:
Megan, you are a much better poet than I am.

There is More
There is always more to do
More than you can
More to see
More to be
More to learn
More to teach
Why just sit there
There's always more
So think about it...
More to live
More to love
More to gain
More to give
So what are
you waiting for...
Go do...
More more more more more...

Joshua Lorey - in his tux for chorus, 2011
Becca 1st day school 2011

Becca Lorey - 1st day of school, 2011

Jamie - VP, engineer, husband, father and Christian
Elizabeth Redenbaugh


The John F. Kennedy
Profile In Courage Award

Liz - Profile In Courage

To see Caroline Kennedy's presentation and Liz's acceptance goto:

Jamie-Liz and the kids
Zach, Jamie, Liz, Kate and Austin hiking Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona
Kate is growing up.
Zachary - just hanging around scaring his Mom!
Austin Redenbaugh - taking a break in Sedona
Kate and Taffy
Kate loves animals
Taffy loved Kate.
Kate and Turbo
Kate and Turbo

Kimberly enjoys her cats, reading, photography, hanging out with her husband Chris and movies.

She is an elementary art teacher in
Virginia Beach, VA. 

Kimberly in 2013

Kimberly and Chris
Chris 2013

Kimberly and Chris, 2012

Kimberly and Chris were married in March 2007.

Click here to see some
wedding pictures.









Chris at Reading Airshow, 2013

Chris and Ceili relaxing.
Second Chance

 Kimberly and
Chris's cats:









Second Chance




Foster, still enjoying life in sunny San Diego
Foster at BYOB

Foster at BYOB in Virginia Beach

Paula Petry,
Roger's niece

Ben, Jack and Kelly Petry
Ben and Uncle Roger
Ben and Uncle Roger working that clay
Ben 310 To Yuma Ben in 3:10 To Yuma                    
Kelly 4th birthday
Kelly's 4th birthday!
Kelly dress up
Kelly having fun with dress up
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