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Roger & Carol Redenbaugh
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        This page is pictures taken from different spots
                                outside the house

Finally, ground breaking December 1, 2003

From the back yard
Looking at the house from the "back" yard (North side)

The master bedroom windows

Front of house
Looking at the front of the house from the street

Front Entry
Front entry - before the wall and entry doors are installed

Front right
The right side of the front of the house

Back side
The back side of the house
(from our next door neighbors back yard)

Back side stucco
The first (scratch) coat goes on the back of the house.

Front wall
The front garden wall takes shape.

garage views
The views from our driveway are spectacular.

Brick detail
A shot of the
fired adobe brick detail on the parapets.

Front entrance
Whoa baby!  The stucco is finished.
The only thing left is the clay tile roofing.

More to come!
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