Roger and Carol
Roger & Carol Redenbaugh
Our Past, Present and Future
all here on this one little web site!

Our Pool - completed July, 2008   (eleven large pictures, but worth the wait)
Pool and Cathedral Rock
with Cathedral Rock in the background

Pool from roof
a shot from the roof of the house

two of the Seven Wariors taken from the pool party house (Casa Fiesta), with the Seven Warriors in the background

The Hot Tub
the hot tub and a peek at one of Des Havasi's gates

Pool House
Casa Fiesta

Pool House
pool house with sliding glass doors that disappear into the wall

Pool house
a nice space for exercise or a party

Pool house barPool house bath
the pool house bar and bath

New Porch Swing a new swing with a view

Volly Ball
family fun with Jamie and kids
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