Roger at CAM Field


Radio control
model aircraft
are quite a


       I became interested in this "sport" in July, 2006.

I have been very lucky so far:
     A nice club close to our home in Highlands, North Carolina.
    A great instructor lead me through the first few bumps in the learning curve.
    A wonderful club and flying field in Sedona, Arizona.
    A loving wife that understands my addiction . . . er . . .
       love of this intriguing hobby.

 Roger with his Elegance
My favorite airplane is the Elegance.  Easy to take off and land,
and is fun to fly with strong aerobatics.

Central Arizona Modelers Field
This is the flying field near Sedona, Arizona.  Central Arizona Modelers is a very active club with great facilities.  You can find me playing with . . . er, make that "preparing" my aircraft at the table in this picture.

I am now a member of three radio control model organizations:

      Academy of Model Aeronautics - member # 863946

      Macon Aero Modelers - Otto, North Carolina

      Central Arizona Modelers - Sedona, Arizona

--<< There will be more pictures and stories to come. >>--
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Phone 928-284-3164 in Sedona, Arizona